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Each persons case is unique. Below are some of the tax services we utilze to tailor the solution that will best fit your needs. The tax code is complex so this is by no means a complete list. To find out what approach will best suit your needs, contact us for a free consultation.

  1. Offer in Compromise - Likely the most well-known and least understood tax resolution for people with an overwhelming amount of tax debt. An Offer in Compromise (commonly referred to as the Fresh Start Program) is an agreement between you and the IRS to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe. Offers in Compromise are available to help those who meet eligibility requirements. One minor mistake made answering just one question in the application can be grounds for denial. It’s incredibly important that you work with a company who can avoid those mistakes and maximize your eligibility for the program. Premier Tax Resolutions is that company!
  2. Lien Relief - A lien is a legal claim to any property you own including personal property, real estate, and financial assets, to ensure payment of your tax liability. A licensed tax professional has the skill and experience to negotiate with the IRS or State to potentially lower the effect of the lien. This process is complicated and requires skills of a qualified professional.
  3. Wage Garnishment Release - The IRS can take a significant portion of your paycheck leaving you with very little to live on each month. Wage garnishments will continue until the entire tax debt is paid. A licensed tax professional is capable of lifting the wage garnishment and putting the taxpayer in a better position with the IRS. A skilled tax professional can also prevent a garnishment from taking place.
  4. Bank Levy Release - When the IRS sends a notice of levy to a bank, the bank must wait 21 days before sending the IRS payment. A bank levy can be released if it can be shown that the levy would cause you severe financial hardship. A licensed tax professional knows how to best demonstrate to the IRS the damage a potential levy can do to your financial situation.
  5. Currently Non Collectible - The IRS grants this status when it finds that you are completely unable to pay anything toward your debt and that doing so would create a financial crisis. The IRS has unforgiving ideas about a taxpayer's ability to pay and a tax professional is best able to advise you on whether this status is appropriate for your situation. If you’ve been denied eligibility for this status but are struggling to pay the IRS and take care of basic necessities then take the time to speak with one of our experienced team members before accepting the IRS’s initial decision.
  6. Installment Agreement - Installment agreements allow you to pay your tax debt in monthly payments over a period of time. There are numerous considerations to take into account when making a payment arrangement. These considerations could legally reduce your tax obligation and the length of your payment schedule.
  7. Hardship Payment Agreement - Many times the standard installment agreement is not a feasible option for the tax payer and causes undue hardship. When this tax payer is also unable to qualify for a non-collectible status then our team will get to work and negotiate an affordable/reduced payment plan for the tax payer that protects them from enforced collection while they work to get back on their feet.
  8. State Tax Help - Each state has its own tax laws and regulations, with nuances and rules unique to each state. To make sure you are put in the best position for both your state and federal tax liabilities, it is best to hire professional help that understands the complexities of both.
  9. Penalty Abatement - The IRS charges monthly penalties and interest on taxes that have yet to be filed or paid. In certain circumstances, the IRS may waive these penalties when petitioned on your behalf by our tax team. Our tax professionals will consult with you to see if you may eligible for penalty abatement and will prepare your abatement application to the IRS.
  10. Innocent Spouse Relief - Innocent Spouse Relief can relieve you of a tax liability if the tax deficiency is solely attributable to your current or former spouse. Professional assistance is crucial because there are complex criteria that must be met and a licensed tax professional will ensure that you have the best chance of receiving relief.
  11. Payroll Tax Settlement and Negotiation - If your company has employees, you are required to pay payroll taxes. If you owe these taxes you will need to resolve your tax debt soon. If they are neglected long enough, the business can even be closed. Regardless of the situation, the IRS is authorized not only to seize all assets to satisfy the debt, but also to collect the tax debt from the business or people who are responsible for withholding and paying these payroll taxes. Premier Tax Resolutions' legal team can stop collection actions and work out a manageable solution to satisfy the IRS and keep you and your business afloat.

The resolutions listed above are just a fraction of the options available for fighting tax burdens. If you need assistance with a state or federal tax issue make the call and speak with one of our team members. 


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